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Yeah, Um.... - A place to discuss the Harry Potter movies [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Harry Potter Movies Ranting

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Yeah, Um.... [May. 4th, 2006|10:32 pm]
Harry Potter Movies Ranting


So I watched this movie on the plane to Japan and...no. Not good. Now, compared to POA, this was so much better, but it still wasn't good. For example:

1.)Emma Watson. Her acting just gets worse and worse. Crispy fried Jayne Mansfield on a cracker, she was terrible!

2.)Katie Leung's accent was really thick and it was hard to understand her.

3.)Mad Eye Moody looked more comical than frightening. I wanted to laugh everytime he was on screen.

4.)The tension between Ron and Hermione was virtually nonexistent (see #1 for part of the reason).

5.)You saw NOTHING of the Qudditch World Cup. Literally, it went from the opening ceremony with the Leprechauns and Viktor Krum and then it cut to everybody in the tent talking about the match. In the grand scheme of things, the World Cup isn't that important, but with they way they did it, they might as well have not shown it at all.

6.)WTF was with the dances when the students from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang were entering the Great Hall? Now, granted, the Durmstrang entrance was kind of cool, but the Beauxbatons was just retarded. Especially when they decided to do it in slo-mo.

7.)No Veelas. I was irritated about that, especially since Fleur Delacour is supposed to be part Veela. Why else would have Ron been compelled to ask her out?

8.)The dress robes looked like regular outfits. Now, granted, I really had no idea how those were supposed to be envisioned, but they looked like Muggle formal wear. And dammit, Hermione was supposed to be wearing blue!

9.)Emma f-ing Watson! Ye gads, I think they only casted her because she looked the closest to Hermione, even though they refuse to give her the big teeth and frizzy hair.

[User Picture]From: redcoast
2006-05-04 08:18 am (UTC)
Join the [arty at sporkphmovie.
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[User Picture]From: buttercup31
2006-05-04 12:49 pm (UTC)
Anyway, I'm glad I haven't watched this. I might lose my mind and watch when it's on HBO, but I haven't watched a single second of PoA on HBO.

I was just thinking about Emma Watson yesterday. I don't get it. She sucks a big, fat one. I do not understand why people like her so much. And I won't even get into the ones that like her sexually.

I heard about the "step" shows from the other two schools at the beginning of the tournament

OF COURSE they didn't explain what a Veela was, especially since the Fleur they casted is pretty ugly, so there needed to be some reason as to why she's so inexplicably attractive to guys.

Mad Eye looked ridiculous in the commercials. So did the "dress robes."

And of course the tension between Hermione and Ron wasn't there. Why would they continue something integral to this and future plots. Their tension was a huge part of this book as the hormonefest began.

Blech. Screw the movies.
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From: diabolicalwoman
2006-07-16 10:30 pm (UTC)
Okay, so I'm kind of late, but I think I love you!
Omg, Emma Watson really does just ruin the movies (CoS, PoA, GoF) more for me than everything just being messed up.
She's playing a key character and she is playing her SOOO badly and so wrong.
PoA was the gateway for all this nonsense.
At least GoF kind of followed the story, unlike PoA.
Plus, her pink was somewhat subdued and that's being generous.
So yeah, Emma's acting sucks. Her "Hermione hair" sucks. She just sucks!

Katie was cute, but *shrugs* I don't know.

UGH! MAD-EYE was so retarded! Not at all how he should have been. AT ALL. He should have been older and his eye? Wtf...why couldn't it just have been a normal eye? Everything is so lacking magical touches in these movies.

They over-exaggerate Ron's "mean" boyness. Seriously.

Poor Fleur! She didn't get to wear her hair down ONCE...well, once when it was dry. It was totally not long enough. I really liked her, though. She only had like three lines, so she wasn't at all bratty and rude like she should have been.

Hermione should have been wearing periwinkle. Ugh, I get what everyone says about her blending in with the scenery too much, but still. You can't change something like that! Pink was just the worse idea ever. Pink doesn't make someone look classy. I am sorry. Pansy Parkinson wore pink! In fact, Hermione apparently stole Pansy's dress. Since that was Pansy's dress to a T. I hate that they didn't wear robes! Again, they take away the magic. Even my mum says so!!!

PSH! They cast Emma because I don't even know. There has to be SOMEONE out there better for the part, but it's kind of late now.

Anyway, have you heard of antiemmaw? LOL
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