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A place to discuss the Harry Potter movies

Come on in and let off some steam!

Harry Potter Movies Ranting
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This community was originally created to rant about the movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban but as there might be only so much one can say about the movie I have decided to open this up to ranting about all the Harry Potter films. I thought this would be a natural progression. So don't be fooled by the title poaranting you can rant about all 3 movies that are out or the ones coming up.

"There has been much debate and argument about POA since it came out on June 4th and I decided that instead of spamming our journals, let's post our rants in a community where we can discuss (not argue) the things that pissed us off, and even the things we enjoyed."

1. Please do not argue. DISCUSS. I don't want to read comments like "Hermione iz s0 amazing omfg!!11! Stop hatin on her she iz teh best!111!one!" If I do see this happening, I will ban you from the community and from commenting.
2. In that same vein, if you like the movies this is not the place for you. Do not come here just to irritate those of us who did/do not like the films.
3. Type so people can understand you. Which means, NO Internet speak. TyPiNg lyKe thIs iS aNNoyIng aNd a GooD WaY tO PiSs mE oFF!!11!!elventy!!!!!1one
4. Be respectful of other members. Don't get personal in the comments if you don't agree. Just say what you disagree with and why. All I ask is be respectful and civil to one another.
5. If you post a picture, place it under an LJ-cut. If you don't know how, read LJ's FAQ section.
6. There will be ZERO 'ship wars here. I do not care if you ship R/Hr, H/Hr, SB/RL, RL/SS, AD/MM, or Buckbeak/Hagrid, there will be ABSOLUTELY NO tolerance for people debating ships in here.
7. Have fun! This is a place to let off steam to others who probably feel the same way about the movie.

Moderator: buttercup31
If you have any questions or concerns please e-mail me at buttercup31@livejournal.com.

I'd like to thank the creator of the comm, laura_weasley, for this great idea in the first place.